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Welcome to Chef Belive, the ultimate website for those aspiring to be great future chefs.

A lot of people love cooking, especially those who dream of being a chef or taking a profession in the culinary business. For aspiring chefs, it can oftentimes be a struggle to find a venue to share thoughts, ideas, ask questions about what may be confusing concepts or talk about things we love to do the most. Sometimes, testing out recipes and sharing the good food that we create or promoting a bake sale. We even had it sponsored by our trusted Wichita garage door repair company.

But here in Chef Belive, we can all share our thoughts and ideas, no matter how crazy it may seem about the things we want to do the most — baking and cooking. This website is a platform for you, for all of us who want to be chefs in the future. It is a venue for us to share recipes, help each other and learn from each other on how to cook. Learning new things is fun especially when you are in an engaging community who share your own love and passion for cooking and baking.

Chef Belive is a simple yet helpful website!

How to use Chef Belive? Simply create an account or sign in so you can post anything you want. Use the forum section to talk and share ideas, techniques and even questions on cooking and baking. Do not hesitate to engage with others, answers questions and give tips according to your experience. In turn, you can also consult others, ask for pieces of advice and tips from our community. We assure you that you will definitely learn a lot. The key is to ask the right questions and to also share what you know. This is what makes Chef Belive a great website.

To spice up the interaction, we encourage everyone to post photos of your food creations. Food porn is now a trend. Chef Belive lets you be a part of this trend by letting you post photos of the food you create and want to share with the community. Photographs can make your posts more interesting, and with this, people will acknowledge your recipes even more.

We also have tips in this site to help you start and create your own food business. You can also use the forum section to sell your creations which can be a great start for your successful business. We have people looking through this website looking for appetizing creations.

It is sometimes a hassle for people to find a perfect spot where you can sell great foods and show your culinary skills. But here, it’ll be easier to show how good you are in cooking.

It is great to share your ideas to other people, the same way it is great that we can learn new things from them as well. This site is perfect for those who wants to improve, learn or just simply share.

And by doing this, people can give their feedback on what you share. We all can improve by helping each other in this site.

Cooking is fun and free for everyone, so is this website! You just have to believe in your own skills and connect with other people as you aspire to be a great cook in the future.

Happy cooking!

Things You Should Know To Become A Chef

Being a chef is one of the most in-demand profession today. A lot of students want to be in the world of culinary arts. In fact, there are those who even start young by learning the basics of cooking in their own homes, or by helping out their family members as they prepare daily meals. Those who have the resources even go as far us commissioning the help of professionals to teach them or acquiring the necessary techniques by joining cooking workshops. Then, when they grow older, they enroll in prestigious culinary arts schools to further enhance their craft. However, contrary to the expectation of everyone, cooking is not a glamorous occupation all the time.  

A lot of people thinks that it’s easy to become a chef – throw in some ingredients and voila, you are good to go. Such impressions are adopted from celebrity chefs you can usually find on TV. Yes, it looks so easy. But the truth is, most of the celebrity chef that you see on TV have worked hard to reached their position and passed rigorous training to become what they are. Seeing them on TV is just like a cherry on top of the ice cream.  

Being a chef is not easy at all! Your food will be given reviews or criticized like any other companies that buy houses reviews. Not all of this could be fun sometimes and there are those that are straightforward hurtful. What’s important, however, is even if they say something good or bad on your recipe, you still strive to do your best and improve your craft.   

When you choose to become a chef, you can work in different kinds of restaurants or can establish your own. However, like any other profession or job, there are obstacles you should’ve to pass first. Most famous chefs gone through a long road before they become a chef, they started out as a trainee or commis chef. In their training, they need to practice their knife skills and when you do that, you can expect some mild injuries like finger cuts which you can get while slicing vegetables and cutting meat with sharp bladed objects. You can get burns due to lifting out the tray of fresh baked foods quickly, and perhaps by trying to hold the pan without a pot holder. You can also gather some emotional wounds as you hear harsh words especially if you are working with a strict chef. These are some of the battle wounds you may encounter inside the kitchen that you need to win in order to become well-known.  

In every country, there are well-respected chefs you will find. They are commended, recognized and award-winning due to their dedication to bringing good food to people and using their pride goods around their region to create special and unique recipes. If you want to become one of them perhaps you should listen to the masters, search for tips on websites like Chef Believe apply this in your daily lives. You should also be creative and inventive especially if you want to last long in this kind of business. I’ve known this site not long ago but I’ve learned so much from it already. This is just one of the many sites that became my reference as I progressed. One tip I’m leaving here for every dreamer” Just be yourself and be passionate about your dreams. Do not look at being chef as something that can bring you profit. Instead, look at it like a relationship you need to cherish. 

Tips in Setting Up a Restaurant

Establishing your own business especially in the culinary industry comes with a lot of challenges. However, these difficulties are always surmountable. Here at Chef Belive, we are happy to provide you with tips and additional information that is guaranteed to be helpful.. We made some guides and insights to boost your confidence in opening your own restaurant.

Here are some tips on how to set up your own restaurant:

First, planning is super important. Do some thinking and strategizing before making any moves or spending money. A business will always fail if there’s a lack of planning. You need to think thoroughly about every step that you will take in your business.

Second, in order to create your own business, you have to invest time and money in the restaurant itself. Budget is a very important consideration, especially at the very beginning. You need to be sure that you have the spending capital.

Third, it is an obligation to manage your business well. A well-managed restaurant will surely be successful in the future. You have to make sure you handle your business efficiently for it won’t succeed without the help of a responsible owner.

Fourth, think of the best place you may set up your restaurant. You need to select a location where there’s a lot of crowds. It must fit your budget too. As the owner, you must make sure that the place you select is perfect for the kind of restaurant you will put up.

Fifth, hire great people who will help make your business more successful. When you hire your staff, you must think clearly how many of them you will need for the restaurant. It’s also a must to train them well or make sure they have the credibility.

Lastly, be confident in running your business and keep up with marketing and promotions. Do anything to advertise and introduce your restaurant to new people.

Remember to be a responsible owner, spend time for the business and handle it very well.