RAWKin’ it with the Pageant Queens (VIDEO)

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A few days ago I activated and entertained Alicia Monique Blanco (Miss Arizona, 1st runner up to Miss USA), along with her close friends and pro pagent winners Kristen Dalton (Miss USA), Megan Tandy (Miss California), Raquel Beezley (Miss California), Britanny Bell (Miss Arizona), Claire Miss (Miss Wyoming) and more. I created some of my scrumptious RAW & REAL culinary art and my brother Sage shared some of his RAW & REAL soul communication techniques.

Miss Earth’s, Universe, States, USA, America, Planet…etc on raw and super foods? YEE HAW!

Menu I created for the beauties:

  1. ‘Miss Arizona’s White Chocolate Horchata Latte’ (a different version of the previous latte concocted for Alicia Monique Blanco (Miss AZ) on her visit to our YouRawk.tv studio for a Trinity Experience.
  2. Fried Chicken with Ranch Dip–yes, raw vegan–but VERY authentic and tasted SO REAL that it was almost scary!
  3. Mesclun Green Salad with Apple Blueberry Rose Dressing
  4. Mini Taco’s with Jackfruit Chicken, Corn Salsa, Nacho Cheese & Sour Cream
  5. Coconut Vanilla Banana Ice Cream
  6. I also brought some Blueberry Granola and Almond Milk.

It was such a RAWKIN RAWSOME night, all of the lovely ladies were thoroughly impressed and highly satisfied. Most of them had never eaten raw living foods and one had had a bad experience and didn’t even really want to try it, all of them were RAWmazed! I was super happy to hang out with such down to earth gorgeous girls, they were impressively authentic. I was lucky they decided to do a make up free night because for one, I am not a huge make up fan and two, I love natural beauty and they truly were living it.

Infinite prayers for our fellow brothers and sisters to recognize true beauty in others, a divine gorgeousness that is much deeper then the skin and could never be measured!