Chef Belive is delighted to provide services to you and make sure you learn something from our website. We are also pleased to let you share more about your culinary skills and showcase your appetizing creations to other people in this website.

In this site, we offer you the following services to help you learn more about cooking and to establish your business:

Tutorials and Tips

Chef Belive gives a lot of tips to enhance your cooking skills. We provide video tutorials, with simple tips that can be found in our website. You can even find step-by-step instructions just like in a cook book.

Personal Cooking Teachers

We also have professional cooking teachers whom we will feature in our videos and articles to personally teach you their culinary secrets. You can ask for your very own online tutor by sending us an email. We will assign you a cooking tutor who will work with you for a week for FREE.

Online Selling

We created a section in our website where you can post photos to sell your culinary creations. People who are interested in buying food online go to Chef Belive to check out the appealing products by themselves.


Chef Belive also provides places where you can put up a small business. It will be a great help in starting your own business and advertising your own creations. We can find a venue for you. All you have to do is send an email to us so we can help you scout the perfect location for your restaurant.

Ingredients/Online Buying

Our site provides a section where you can sell food but we also encourage online buying. It’s for fresh ingredients you might need for your cooking. Our site makes it easier for you to find what you need. We make sure it will all be delivered fresh and clean. The process of buying and is so easy and affordable that can it always fit in your budget.