Live Testimonials


Never before have my body and my palate been so simultaneously pleasured and nourished! Thank you Be*Live for enlivening my mind, body and spirit. Amazing and delicious in every way!

Regina Hall



With Chef BeLive’s recipes, your food will be Going Going Gone off your plate.

Kathy Freston


Chef Be*Live truly is a RawkStar!!
I originally met Brian, now known as Chef Be*Live, along my raw journey in 1997 when he & Juliano Brotman were working together. They were truly doing some amazing & unbelievable raw food creations! Later when Brian opened Organica: The Living Cuisine, I experienced the explosion of his culinary talents come shining through. He is absolutely a passionate & creative inspiration! He taught me a lot about the raw food culinary world! He also walks his path with incredible integrity & sincerely has one of the biggest hearts of any chef I know. In love & devotion.

Roxanne Klein

<“Chef Be*Live is an old friend and a committed and skilled raw and living foods chef. He’s been there from the beginning and knows the entire spectrum of the cuisine from live dishes, raw appetizers, delicious desserts, teas, elixirs, and beyond. I just attended a party that Chef Be*Live catered. We had the best night ever.”

David Wolfe

Chef Be*Live delivers the Flava with his delicious raw food dishes just as much as he does with his personal style. His recipes are by far the most mouth watering, creative, well seasoned and nutritionally balance of all I’ve seen thus far.

Bibi McGill


Chef Be*Live is unparalled, period. His exotic pleasure wraps not only get your taste buds excited but they’ll get other parts of you going too. His eBook, “Orgasm of the Taste Buds” is loaded with sexy recipes that will turn on even the non- raw vegans. I’ve put a lot of raw things in my body and I can honestly say, Be*Live’s food is the best at keeping it happy and healthy. Not to mention it’s legal!

Andy Dick



I have committed myself to being on top of my game, both in basketball and in what I put in my body. Chef Be*Live’s recipes are really nutritious and fulfilling and the best part is they taste great too. His ability to bring amazing flavors to raw vegan cuisine has certainly sold me that he’s one of the best in his field. An all-star in the game of raw food.

John Salley

Former pro NBA player, Actor and Talk Show Host


Chef Be*Live = spirited, dynamic, thoughtful, peaceful, playful, compassionate, dreamer,  believer, purveyor of joy…in all things..Chef Be*Live’s inspired recipes are a reflection of his love for life and desire to gift others with the same joy …

Aileen Getty

Community Activist and Philanthropist, Founder of GettLove

Chef Be*Live is a raw food rawk star. He is creative, and a true visionary. He has a super, magnetic personality you want to be around. He will teach you how to prepare raw and living food with love or come to your house and leave your fridge stocked with a meal fit for a king.

Anna Getty

Author of Easy Green Organic, founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month and aspiring raw foodie.


At the initial rise of the present day raw food revolution, before hundreds of raw food restaurants opened across the planet in the past decade, and before raw veganism was on the radar of Hollywood and now Wall Street investors and Madison Avenue advertising agencies, Brian “Chef Be*Live” Lucas was making raw food in the 1990s in a San Francisco restaurant where some of the seeds were planted that brought about this global surge in raw food culture. Lucas continues to influence people to follow a plant-based, nutrient-rich, organic foods diet that nurtures health and human potential and supports local farmers.

John McCabe

Author of “Sunfood Traveler: Global Guide to Raw Food Culture,” “Igniting Your Life: Pathways to the Zenith of Health and Success,” “Sunfood Diet Infusion: Transforming Health through Raw Veganism,” and “Sunfood Living: Resource Guide for Global Health


Chef Be*Live is a star among stars. He is a natural celebrity in the culinary world, a maverick, unorthodox, dedicated to the place where delicacy meets wholesomeness. Everyone of his dishes inspires, empowers, and enlivens, the body mind and spirit. It is made with love and devotion to a healthy planet and is dedicated to the greater good and the higher power that unites us all. His food is so good you will freak out when you find out how good it is for you. He makes all other healthy chefs’ food taste like tap water.

Brett Dennen



Be*Live’s love and care for all beings has transended into his food preparations. He has lifted my soul up countless times through who he is as a person and through his great food. A real star chef on the up and coming.

Greg Cipes

Actor, Musician


Chef Be*Live has raised the art of gourmet raw culinary cuisine to an unanticipated level. His sacred and potent organic palate pleasers provide gustatory delight while infusing those who partake with the most bioavailable nutrients on the planet. Brian is about fusion – the best living organic foods offered at the highest vibrational frequencies in a manner that considers human and heart appeal. His rare and never before experienced combination of heavenly and earthly delights deserve profound respect and attention. Be Well. Be*Live.

Viktoras Kulvinskas

Father of the Raw Foods Revolution, co-founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute, and author the Raw foods Bible, “Survival in the 21st Century”


Richard G. Tasca, Jr.

Humanitarian, Raw Foods Advocate and Activist



I have had the opportunity to eat gourmet raw food from the best of the best in the raw world. I have to say that Chef Be*Live makes some of the best raw gourmet food I have ever had the pleasure to taste! I am a huge fan of his Be*Live wrap…it is definitely the best raw wrap on the planet! I highly recommend checking out Chef Be*Live’s services. There is a reason he is a celebrity to the stars! One taste of his food and you’ll be hooked.

Steve Prussack

Host of Raw Vegan Radio, Raw Vegan Interviews with the Masters


I’ve known Be*Live for four years and have found him to be a strong positive influence on his friends and the community at large. I’ve always found him to be a man of his word in good times and bad, and wish to communicate my sincere appreciation to his efforts to live with integrity and honor.

Richard Gordon

Founder and author of Quantum-Touch


Chef Be*Live is definitly an amazing raw food chef. Some people say that a persons energy gets into the food that they create. I have often wondered if that is one of Be*Live’s secrets to creating amazing gourmet raw food. Every time I communicate with Be*Live he has positive vibes that make me smile, just like when I eat food that he has created!

Craig B. Sommers ND

Author or Raw Foods Bible


All I can say is how beautiful, sweet, amazing and fabulous Chef Be*Live is and I love him to pieces, he RAWKS! His cuisine is so sexy and I love sexy, high vibin’ foods!

Angellina Elliot

Author of Alive in Five: Gourmet Meals in Five Minutes


Chef Be*Live is a raw gourmet genius, a soulful healer, and a true inspiration to seekers on the path.

Gary Prusaitis