Opening A Thai Young Coconut (VIDEO)

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The Thai young coconut is white in stores but is green before it’s hulled. When I select a coconut, I avoid ones with cracks, mold, and soft wet spots. Cracks and wet areas may mean a leak in the coconut, which may mean the contents have begun to spoil. Liquid leaking out means bacteria may be getting in. If you give the coconut a shake there should be no air inside, so no sloshing. The inner shell should be full of liquid. A heavier coconut generally means more coconut water. The “eyes” of the young coconut are actually at the base of these white coconuts. The coconuts are shaped uniformly for shipping, though the sizes may vary. The skin and some of the husk have been removed. The size of the inner coconut may vary. The content of the liquid may also vary. The coconut water can vary from 3/4 cup to 2 1/2 cups, sometimes more. Here, I demonstrate a few ways to properly open a Thai young coconut.